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Lectures and Exhibitions

Out of Site – “publications lounge”, KING STREET STATION GALLERY 2016

Giant Steps – support to exhibition at KING STREET STATION GALLERY

Portland AIA Honor Awards Lecture – “Jury panel discussion” and “Design Awards”, 2013

PK Seattle v 35 Lecture – Future: Forward: City 2012

Revitalize Washington Lecture- Living City Solutions 2012

Future Solutions Panel Discussions and Exhibition- facilitate interdisciplinary panel discussions, Exhibition and Residency at PROJECT ROOM 2012

University of Washington Landscape and Urban Planning Lecture, [gu] Growing Urbaninsm, 2011

The Architect and the Urn Exhibition: “Elemental” at LUNDGREN MONUMENTS 2010

Washington State University Lecture Series – Agency for the Future, 2010

2009 Honor Awards Exhibition – “Bio(da)ta” at AIA GALLERY 2010

Spokane AIA Architecture week Lecture, “zeroplus recent projects” 2010

Green Built Conference Lecture PK –  “Biologitecture: towards a new architecture” 2009

New Edge/Young Blood  AIA GALLERY zeroplus select work curated by David Spiker, 2006

Making Out – EMILY CARR GALLERY “materials, place, space and time” curated by UBC School of Architecture, 2002