Buddha Root Farm

at Turtle Mountain

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association


There is a wonderful and peaceful quality in this place of extreme seclusion that offers a unique kind of reflection, a place where people can come to focus upon their practice and deep inner connection.  This retreat center in the Oregon Coast Range serves as a gathering place for family and DRBU university retreat in the summer time as well as a year-round remote location for monks to individually maintain their own practice in isolation. The buildings and gardens are distributed across a 300 acre site focused along the river. Structures include a large agricultural building (housing numerous functions including processing of food from the farm, a shop serving the maintenance of the grounds, an industrial sized kitchen that is produces meals for large gatherings and a large open space that serves whatever need arises),personal meditation/sleeping quarters, a meditation building and shipping containers repurposed as storage units.  While remaining rustic and minimally developed, the site is able to accommodate individual retreats as well as the gathering of large groups for a variety of activities with the addition of infrastructure and flexible utilitarian buildings.



site and master planning

new customized prefabricated barn, meditation building and storage structures

infrastructure well and bridge

http://www.drba.org/   and  https://www.drbu.edu/