Restorative Tidal Garden


FOR NYC seeks to restore the relationship to the East River by re-establishing a more direct engagement with the river’s tidal patterns and natural ecosystem. As a result of years of development at the river’s edge, the river’s natural shoreline ecosystem has all but vanished. Historically, much of the original natural habitat along this tidal strait provided a continual sustenance to the local residents – oysters, fish, aquatic life, etc – an ecosystem that was sustained for centuries. However, living in an era of car dominance and heavy handed control of the environment, we have often endured urban planning decisions that have severed the flow between people and their natural environment. This project strives to correct these imbalances. Further, we are illustrating how we can implement large future infrastructual projects while at the same time re-balancing the environmental systems in a natural cause and effect relationship. Our approach in environmental management of these major projects is to encourage the resiliency of ecosystems to their strongest natural health by making room for these systems to re-emerge through adaptation