Prepositional Condominium

above, amongst, around, beneath, between, through


This project started as a spatial wordplay of adverb/ prepositions that evolved into study of many different ways to organize and inhabit the interstitial space in relation to the existing attic crawl space in a turn of the century  condominium. With this spirit in mind, various tactics were taken to inhabit this middle space as a partial height loft, absorbed into the existing living room to raise the ceilings, cut through to provide daylight in the bathing room, and to incorporate a new compact stair access in the entry foyer to access a new roof deck above. All this with the same playfulness in weaving new construction into the existing historic Georgian styled interiors. Rather than strictly adhering to the historic style, each new element becomes a contemporary insertion that contrasts and compliments the old.


Condominium renovation

Seattle, Washington