Ship Captain’s Donut Headquarters

Mighty O Donuts Ballard


The design for a new shop in the Ballard plays upon the neighborhood’s industrial shipping and boat building roots along with the fabled history on the origin of donuts. ‘Over 148 years ago, a sea captain claims he invented the donut by impaling dough on the steering wheel of his ship during a storm to keep his hands free.” Colorful displays contrast the steel ‘shipshape’ that curves through the space ending at the donut machine as it turns out delectable made-from-scratch vegan treats. Porthole viewing stations give kids a peek-a-boo view of finishing touches from glazes to sprinkles being added before being served.


new commercial tenant improvement

Seattle, Washington

contractor: Randy Reilly Group

casework: Sparrow woodworks

metal work: Eisenwerk

photos: zeroplus and Tim Apuzzo