Red Thread Alley

Maynard Alley – CID Seattle


zeroplus worked with Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority in conjunction with the Maynard Alley Partnership to develop a masterplan to reshape Maynard Alley to transform this underutilized public space into a more vibrant and dynamic place.   A variety of specific design recommendations were proposed to further the effort to transform Maynard Alley into a safer, community-oriented, and pedestrian-friendly place with the goal of  eventually implementing some or all of the strategies from the conceptual design. The process included the study and documentation of the existing alley, gathering ideas and input from committee and community members, interface with business and building owners, soliciting feedback for design ideas through public outreach efforts at  JamFest, and obtaining preliminary approval from SDOT, ISRD and SPU. Ultimately the result is a kit of parts that can be implemented over time that integrates art, infrastructure, event programming with the underlying theme of red thread alley as a way to unite the various proposals that are constructed over time.