Light Reflected on Water

Lake Forest Park Residence

Located on the northern end of Lake Washington, restoring a connection to the ever changing quality of light reflected on water was a big influence upon the project. Curiously, this was one of the first residential projects (nicknamed the Otter House) Josh worked on as an young architect-in-training, enlarging a tiny lake house for a bachelor. Serendipitous details like this are always a good sign. The current owners, a couple with two teenage daughters were lead to zeroplus seeking to remodel and expand the house again nearly 20 years later.

Relocating the master suite to the upper floor allowed the living spaces to be reorganized enabling the incorporation of a piano on the main level. The upper story was seen like a jewel box pavilion placed upon the existing house. The addition was shaped by shoreline setbacks and the quirky jogs of the existing footprint. The result is a beautiful and complex layering between rooms and outdoor spaces, with the master bedroom and office connected visually by a green roof, and a deck created to serve the master suite with sweeping views over the lake.



residential addition and remodel

Lake Forest Park, Washington

interior design: Slater Interiors

contractor: Far West Construction