Kohler Signature Showroom Bellevue


Even within ubiqutous suburban stripmalls, we seek out the unique characteristics each site provides. Here, a dated brown storefront and wood overhangs was transformed with a new custom canopy that takes inspiration from the refined enameled fixtures produced by Kohler. It is the perfect way to greet new customers with the elegant tailored design the company is known for.

The strip mall location presented a circumstance not often available in typical retail settings. Extensive windows on three perimeter walls of the suite afforded us the opportunity to punctuate key spots throughout the showroom with views to landscaped areas outside. The addition of a skylit shower display brings a subtle bit of drama to the central area. Creation of series of soffited areas was an affordable way to bring defined spatial emphasis to intimate display areas contrasting the darkly painted raw ceilings filled with exposed ductwork and utilities.


retail tenant improvement


Bellevue, Washington

contractor: Randy Reilly Group