Hale A’a

amateur observatory on Mauna Loa


This observatory for an amateur astronomer located on the Big Island of Hawaii was constructed in a unique location at 5,000 feet in elevation  on the side of Mauna Loa and is an ideal place for viewing the night sky. The site amidst a lava field is free of light pollution given the strict regulations on street lights on the island and the fact that none of the neighbors in the area are on the electrical grid.  The property relies on solar panels for electricity and catchment for water along with a gas power refrigerator.  A concrete base was poured directly into the lava within which an isolated concrete footing was poured to reduce movement (and resulting viewing static) in the telescope mount.  A fully automated rotating fiberglass dome with slotted operable viewing slot was used to house the telescope.


New Structure

Ocean View, Hawaii