Grade Studio


This studio for two artists, was designed around the needs of a sculptor and a print maker (north light, a tall fabrication space, and smaller scale support work areas), along with a beautiful existing tree, property setbacks, an outdoor courtyard and covered outdoor workspace. The first task was burying the back corner of the studio into the hillside with close consultation with a geotechnical engineer and excavator we terraced a wood storage area between an ecoblock and a concrete retaining wall almost 12’ into the ground. Next a complex geometric corner,  dictated ultimately by zoning regulations and a height exception within a setback, was modeled then constructed from factory fabricated structurally insulated panels,  an intricate challenge to maximize volume on the site enabling the creation of large scale volume housing the stair to the second level.  The large front doors to the shop made from an salvaged wood from an old sailing ship opens the shop area to the working exterior courtyard. Now the studio is in full swing with all the noise and sawdust of a fully functioning shop and the office full of inspirational ephemera from the natural world brings serenity and inspiration, north light reflects through the slices between the ceiling and the wall.

new construction by owner

photography Steve Hanson: