glass cabin

Attunement: Where the Forest meets the Sound


Nestled amongst mature trees and the underbrush of the forest, this cabin is intimately connected to the land. Footprint and siting were carefully considered to preserve trees on the site. Structural systems were designed for minimal impact and disturbance to the ecosystem and resolve lateral loads with a lightness that allows openness on the ground floor. Private sleeping areas are tucked into the underbelly of the roof providing protection, warmth and a cocoon-like feel when one sleeps. The living areas on the main floor offer full views to the woods on one side of the house and the high bank and water on the other.

With keen interest in making this an immersive experience of the natural landscape, like glorified camping with modern amenities it allows inhabitants to find attunement with the natural rhythms of the surroundings as it shifts from hour to hour, day to day, and season to season. Finishes are quite a bit raw and maintain a casual feel that brings focus to the nature rather than the building.

In addition to the wildness of the place, we found great inspiration in the rich history of the site. It is the gathering of many cultural influences from the first nationers to the agrarian settlements that came to be a part of the Skagit Valley. Images of early native settlements caused us to investigate unusual ways of expressing roof and massing while utilize systems that streamlined construction in the midst of the large trees.



new residence

La Conner, Washington

contractor:  River Ranch construction

videography by Steve Hanson

illustration by Marie Laure Cruschi for Tashen Publishing

photos zeroplus and Thomas Barwic